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Article | June 21st, 2021

Banking’s Vaccine Dilemma

If economic recovery hinges on broad adoption of the vaccine, how can banks get their employees on board?

By: Emily McCormick, vice president of research for Bank Director
Article | June 18th, 2021

Small Business Checking, Repositioned

In part two of our look at small business checking, we explore the three crucial components business owners need in their accounts that many current offerings lack.

By: Gabe Trevino
Video | June 17th, 2021

Creating a Better Mortgage Experience

Customers increasingly choose a mortgage lender based on a seamless digital experience. Find out how to improve the process in this short video.

By: Phillip King
Article | June 16th, 2021

How Fintechs Can Help Advance Financial Inclusion

Having the right technology is a good first step toward a financially inclusive world.

By: Maria Schuld
Bank Services
Article | June 15th, 2021

Bank M&A is in Full Bloom

What questions should your board ask now about their own strategies?

By: Jack Milligan, editor-at-large for Bank Director
Article | June 14th, 2021

How Community Banks Can Compete With Buy Now, Pay Later

Banks have been largely left out of the “buy now, pay later” trend. But they still have an opportunity to forge meaningful partnerships with merchants.

By: Kiah Lau Haslett, managing editor for Bank Director
Article | June 11th, 2021

Navigating Four Common Post-Signing Requests for Additional Information

Banks should be prepared for four requests for additional information, including questions that are not otherwise included in the standard application forms, when filing merger applications.

By: Joseph Silvia
Bank Services
Podcast | June 9th, 2021

A Second Act for Richard Davis

Richard Davis details his personal journey from chairman and CEO of U.S. Bancorp to CEO of Make-A-Wish, which makes dreams come true for critically ill children.

By: Jack Milligan, editor-at-large for Bank Director
Article | June 9th, 2021

The Robust Potential of Robo-Advisors

Interest in investing has arguably never been more popular, and this trend has no signs of slowing down.

By: Erika Bailey, FinXTech research analyst
Article | June 8th, 2021

ESG Principles at Work in Diversifying Governance

Shifting sentiment now means that banks that lack diversity in their corporate leadership could be subjected to shareholder lawsuits, increased regulation, and directives by stakeholders.

By: Richik Sarkar