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article | September 27th, 2021

Five Trends in AML Compliance in 2021

Banks should be aware of and prepare for several important updates in anti-money laundering regulations this year.

By: Laura Spiekerman
article | September 24th, 2021

Three Steps to Building a Post-Pandemic Payments Strategy

Community banks can take three steps to jumpstart a digital payments strategy that ensures their place in customers’ primary transactional relationship.

By: Kelly Payne
article | September 24th, 2021

What Fintech Directors Need to Know About Crypto Assets

Boards and executive teams need a clear understanding of recent industry developments and regulatory guidance to make informed decisions about how they interact with the crypto world and the traditional banking system.

By: Clayton Mitchell, Matthew Schell
article | September 23rd, 2021

How Embedded Compliance Plays the Game to Win, Not Break Even

Banks can choose to view compliance as an integrated part of the data management process, increasing efficiency, improving the customer experience and making the institution safer.

By: Greg Bierl
article | September 22nd, 2021

Banks Are Missing Out on America’s Most Financially Active Demographic

It is time to change the dynamic between women and banks by creating meaningful and engaging products and opportunities.

By: Debi Roy
Bank Services
article | September 21st, 2021

A Bridge Between East and West

East West Bancorp has grown from a single branch in Los Angeles' Chinatown to the 40th largest U.S. bank, and one of the country's most profitable. Chairman and CEO Dominic Ng talks about the bank's mission as a bridge between east and west, and his strong public stance against Asian-American prejudice and violence.

By: Jack Milligan, editor-at-large for Bank Director
article | September 20th, 2021

Sharpening Your Competitive Edge

Leveraging the results of the 2021 Compensation Survey, this white paper examines two key compensation themes: measuring CEO performance and competing for talent.

By: Emily McCormick, vice president of research for Bank Director
article | September 17th, 2021

Notching Customer, Employee Wins Through Process Automation

Back-office automation can unlock value by simplifying and streamlining dispute inputs, strengthening regulatory compliance and improving customer engagement.

By: Raj Singal
Bank Services
article | September 16th, 2021

How Will the Branch’s Post-Pandemic Role Change?

The Covid-19 pandemic accelerated a trend toward digital distribution and fewer branches. Here’s how one bank is navigating that transition.

By: Jack Milligan, editor-at-large for Bank Director
article | September 14th, 2021

Blockchain and Banking: Opportunities and Risks With Digital Assets

With more customers holding crypto and digital assets, banks can no longer afford to dismiss the crypto trend and must address those customers’ needs.

By: Sara Krople, Tom Lazard