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Strategic Partnerships

Hugely influential in the financial industry since 1991, Bank Director’s reach extends to all of the top leaders in banking including over 4,778 U.S bank CEOs and over 20,000 outside chairmen, directors and senior executives.

Given this broad audience, Bank Director tailors comprehensive and specific marketing campaigns for companies looking to form meaningful relationships with today’s bank leaders. Opportunities to engage with this influential audience include:

Thought Leadership

Through Bank Director magazine and, provide insight and commentary on issues that matter to the key decision makers in banking. Partners have the opportunity to position themselves as industry experts on a variety of topics – such as growth, strategy, risk, compensation, legal, regulation and technology – through featured articles, white papers and research studies.

Video Sponsorships

Partner with Bank Director’s digital editorial team to produce, shoot and edit custom videos focused on the key issues affecting the financial industry. The videos allow you to communicate directly with financial leaders by providing advice and insight through a short 3-5 minute presentation. Bank Director will distribute the video through our website, and social media outlets. Participating companies may also use the video on their website and for their corporate marketing/distribution purposes. In addition to Thought Leadership Videos, sponsors have an opportunity to provide more in depth content through our Online Training Series. These 25 minute presentations dive deep into the issues and challenges facing director’s today.

Display Advertising offers three types of display advertising opportunities throughout the site to leverage your thought leadership materials and further extend your brand’s exposure.


Bank Director offers limited opportunities for thought leaders to host a webinar on critical topics of interest to our audience of directors, senior officers and executives of U.S. banks. These 45-60 minute presentations are organized and/or moderated by a member of the Bank Director editorial team, and topics are mutually agreed upon by Bank Director and the sponsoring company.

Bank Director Events

For companies looking to connect with the top leaders in banking in-person, Bank Director hosts a variety of events throughout the year covering topics such as M&A, growth, talent, compensation, board training, technology, audit and risk. Sponsorship opportunities are available to a select number of companies. In addition, there are exclusive speaking opportunities available that range from large general sessions to smaller discussion groups and are attended by the true decision-makers at U.S. banks.

Print Advertising

Distributed quarterly, Bank Director magazine reaches nearly 20,000 officers and directors – including over 4,778 bank CEOs and more than 8,000 outside directors, as well as senior executives, general counsel, investment banking advisers and banking committee members in Congress. In fact, 99% of U.S. banks receive Bank Director magazine. Advertising opportunities in Bank Director include inserts and special advertising units, full page ads and – for a select number of companies – a contributed editorial section for sponsorship.

Newsletter Advertising

The Slant is Bank Director’s e-newsletter distributed to over 26,000 senior bank executives, directors and thought leaders each week. Each newsletter provides inspirational ideas, new insights and challenging perspectives on the banking industry from experts featured on Exclusive monthly sponsorship of the newsletter is available for select companies.

For more information on partnering with Bank Director and to request a Media Kit, please contact our client relations manager, Katherine Tracy at [email protected].