Session Presenters

Michael Ball

SVP, Markets & Strategy


Ravi Mikkelsen

CEO & Co-founder

Atmos Financial

Elia Blankenship

Director, Management Consulting, Financial Institutions Advisory


Mark Dreux

Global Financial Services Leader

ID DataWeb

Joshua Jordan

Director of Digital Engagement

Jack Henry

FinXTech Connect Tech Talks

The third FinXTech Connect Tech Talks session provides participants an additional opportunity to hear from 5 technology companies in FinXTech Connect that financial institutions should be aware of as they consider new strategies. Each presenter addresses the problem their company’s technology solves, the benefits and the steps to move forward. The foundation of these talks is how the technology company provided a return on investment for the bank and/or credit union. Each presenting company also has a space in the FinXTech Demo Hall. Participants are encouraged to visit these booths to learn more about each company’s product or service.

Tech Talk 1: Connectivity is King: Bridging the Legacy Technology Gap

Tech Talk 2: Turnkey Lending for Solar — How Fintech Partnerships Can Expand Your Loan Portfolio Without Increasing Staffing

Tech Talk 3: Empowering FIs With Real-World Insights and Industry Experience to Determine the Best Fintech and Technology Partners

Tech Talk 4: How to Put Your Customers First and Stop Account Opening and Takeover Fraud

Tech Talk 5: Fast-Forward Innovation and Feature Delivery With Embedded Fintech

Session Resources