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article | Technology December 11th, 2019

How Innovative Banks Use Cards to Grow Revenue, Earn Loyalty

Banks are partnering with fintechs to create credit card programs for niche customer segments that translate to revenue and long-term loyalty.

By: Amber Buker, program director for FinXTech Connect
article | Technology December 10th, 2019

How Aging Technology Bleeds IT Budgets

Technology can help banks innovate, but failure to innovate the technology itself can create a drain on budgets and usability.

By: Mark Stavrou
article | Technology December 2nd, 2019

Top Nine Mistakes in Banking Digital Account Opening

Banks can create a more seamless experience to open a digital account if they address some troubling trends and common mistakes.

By: Alex Jimenez
article | Technology November 26th, 2019

Why Tech Doesn’t Always Generate Gains (and What To Do About It)

Banks need to optimize their tech investments to unlock lower efficiency ratios and boost their productivity.

By: Neil Hartman
article | Technology November 13th, 2019

How An Innovative Bank Recruits the Next Generation

One bank is attracting and assessing recruits with a surprising new technology.

By: Amber Buker, program director for FinXTech Connect
Bank Services
article | Technology October 24th, 2019

Solving Your Board’s Biggest Knowledge Gap

Understanding the viewpoint of the bank’s top technology executive could help board members better wrap their heads around the issue.

By: Emily McCormick, vice president of research for Bank Director
article | Technology September 26th, 2019

How to Take the Pain Out of Data Conversions

Most bankers mistakenly believe there are three choices when it comes to data conversions, all of which create costs and risks for the bank.

By: Bobby Childs
article | Technology September 23rd, 2019

How Well Do You “Know Your Customer”?

Banks that are willing to embrace innovation and use the right analytics tool can create a data strategy that capitalizes on their highest-value customers.

By: Gill Hundley
article | Technology September 19th, 2019

One Bank’s ‘Calculated Chance’ with an Unproven Partner

Betting on a newer technology provider has its risks but, under the right conditions, the rewards can pay off.

By: Amber Buker, program director for FinXTech Connect
article | Technology September 10th, 2019

Winners Announced for the 2019 Best of FinXTech Awards

The winning fintech solutions strike a balance between innovative ideas and results that move the needle for the banking industry.

By: John J. Maxfield, executive editor for Bank Director magazine