Austin Marriott Downtown
May 05 – 06, 2022

Conference Overview

As the very concept of banking evolves, we find an ever-growing number of financial institutions seeking out growth and efficiencies through the application of financial technologies. In May, Bank Director presented Experience FinXTech – an event to connect key business leaders from across the financial industry.

As industry leaders contemplate the “how, when and why” of transforming their institution, three key concepts were discussed and debated:

  • Adaptability
  • Optionality
  • Growth & Efficiency

Over a one and a half day period, we took a close look at the implications of technology on the business of banking, and explored how and where banks might generate top-line growth and bottom-line profits through the cultivation of new business relationships, collaboration and strategic investments.

Event Highlights Include:

  • Peer Exchange Discussions: The Opportunities & Challenges
  • Growth Focused Presentations
  • FinXTech Connect Demonstrations
  • Interactive Technology Sessions

Pre-Conference Opportunity | Wednesday, May 4

Small Business Banking Workshop
This pre-conference workshop included three sessions – all focused on small business. Each session offers educational content and data insights, coupled with session guides to be completed by the participants. Attendees came away not only with the knowledge to better understand what is happening today but a practical plan to upgrade small business banking at their institution. To view the workshop agenda, please click here.

For more information, please contact our events department directly at [email protected] or 877-397-7595.