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David Ruffin


IntelliCredit, A Division of QwickRate

Breakout 2: Why Getting More From Your Loan Review Is Now Critical

A loan review is a strategic asset for community banks and should be treated like one. While this hasn’t been the case for decades, bankers are now realizing that new, dramatically improved processes — ones that can also be used for both internal and annual reviews — will not only make loan reviews more efficient, effective and less intrusive to credit teams’ day-to-day schedules, but provide a source of valuable information to help the bank detect risk earlier. This capability is especially critical during unsettled credit times. This session covers innovative approaches and best practices that can profoundly reduce the burden that a loan review traditionally placed on community bank teams — while also making this important discipline a more constant and strategic tool for minimizing credit risk that lies ahead.

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  • Why Getting More From Your Loan Review Is Now Critical
  • Loan Review Best Practices: Key to Combatting Credit Risk