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article | Technology January 17th, 2020

How Technology Broke the Brokered Deposit Rule

The need to change the FDIC’s brokered deposit rule strikes at the heart of banks’ funding models.

By: Kiah Lau Haslett, managing editor for Bank Director
video | Bank M&A January 16th, 2020

Overcoming Challenges in Community Bank M&A

Will 2020 be a strong year for community bank M&A?

By: Adam Maier
view_point | Bank M&A January 15th, 2020

Buyer Landscape Continues Shifting for Community Banks

The landscape of bank M&A has evolved over the years but is rapidly changing for prospective sellers.

By: Thomas Hayes
view_point | Strategy January 15th, 2020

Credit Unions Emerge as Viable Bank Buyers

Whether you’re a director, officer or employee of a community bank, here are nine things all should consider.

By: Eric M. Corrigan
view_point | Strategy January 15th, 2020

Managing the Balance Sheet for 2020 and Beyond

Bankers are weathering a dramatically different interest rate environment and will need a new set of tools and strategies to craft versatile balance sheet solutions.

By: Steve Kinner, Matt Pieniazek
view_point | Strategy January 15th, 2020

Improving Board, CEO Communication

Strong community banks are supported by strong, open lines of communication between their CEOs and boards.

By: Dave Thomas
view_point | Bank M&A January 15th, 2020

Making Mergers of Equals Work

Banks contemplating a merger of equals transaction should consider these seven factors.

By: Rob Fleetwood
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article | Strategy January 14th, 2020

Bank Performance in 2020? Meh…

The banks that could fare best in 2020 are ones with buffers against volatility, not the ones who ride it.

By: Jack Milligan, editor-in-chief for Bank Director
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article | Strategy January 10th, 2020

When It Comes to Efficiency, How Low Can You Go?

How one bank found a path to greater efficiency — while still operating under a traditional model.

By: Emily McCormick, vice president of research for Bank Director
article | Retail January 8th, 2020

How Innovative Banks Scale Consumer Loans

Technology and big data make it possible for banks to scale consumer loans to profitability.

By: Amber Buker, program director for FinXTech Connect