June 10, 2024
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Workshop Overview

The Corporate Governance Workshop is a must-attend for those new to serving on a bank’s board or those seeking directorship at a financial institution. Throughout the workshop, attendees receive a thorough grounding in the fundamentals of corporate governance as well as important industry issues that greatly enhance the performance of individual directors.

Workshop Sessions Include:

  • Role of the Independent Director
  • The Board Governance Process
  • Evaluating Board & Director Performance
  • The Attributes of a Strong Board Culture
  • Experiences of Being A Board Member

Participants enrolled in the Bank Director Certification Program must attend an in-person Corporate Governance Workshop or complete designated sessions through Bank Director’s online learning management system. Completing the program and becoming a certified bank director sends a clear message to investors and state and federal regulators that the board member takes its fiduciary duties seriously and wants to be a top performing member of the bank’s board.

For more information on the Corporate Governance Workshop or the annual Director Certification Program, please contact our bank services department directly at [email protected] or 877-764-4681.