FinXTech Connect

Finding the Right Connections

Bank Director knows banks – and bank leadership. In our efforts to make it easier for U.S. banks to better discover potential technology partners and solutions, we have developed an online platform called FinXTech Connect. Built specifically for banks, FinXTech Connect is a curated directory of emerging financial technology companies who are strategically partnering with financial institutions of all sizes.

Companies included in our ever-evolving platform have been identified by Bank Director as “bank-friendly” – with a proven history of financial performance and an existing roster of bank clients. Each company has been vetted and researched by Bank Director. Companies cannot access or pay to be featured in the platform. 

Features Include:

  • A guided search function based on how to solve a key problem within a bank.
  • In-depth written profiles highlighting the products offered and how the company helps a bank.
  • Quick snapshots of each company including its funding stage, key leaders, and contact information.
  • Overview of product features, pricing models and core processor compatibility.
  • List of sample bank clients and testimonials from financial institutions.
  • Ability to save and leave reviews on product profiles.
  • Special review of the major core providers.
  • Optional FinXTech Connect Concierge Services, that assist your bank in finding, comparing and vetting potential technology partners.

Solutions include lending platforms, payment processing applications, security, data analytics and more. Each company included in FinXTech Connect is categorized by the problem that they help a financial institution solve, specifically around the challenges of strategic growth, creating efficiencies and reducing risk.

Solutions Include:

As part of the Bank Services Membership Program, member banks have the opportunity to receive 3 licenses that allow access to the online platform. For more information and to schedule a demo, please email [email protected] or call 615.777.8461.