Best of Awards

2019 Best of FinXTech Awards

Through our Best of FinXTech Awards, Bank Director recognizes the efforts of the emerging financial technology solutions within our FinXTech Connect platform that best help a financial institution grow revenues, create efficiencies or reduce risk. Based on Bank Director’s analysis of each solution’s capabilities—including actual results and feedback from bank partners—awards were given to the top-rated financial technology companies within various categories.

Winners were announced at our Experience FinXTech event in Chicago on September 10, 2019. During the event, we took a close look at the implications of technology on the business of banking, exploring how and where banks might generate top-line growth and bottom-line profits through new business relationships, collaboration and strategic investments.


Best Solution for Customer Experience: Apiture
Apiture’s digital banking platform includes features such as digital account opening, personal financial management, cash flow management for businesses and payments services.

Best Solution for Revenue Growth: MANTL
MANTL’s online account opening tool comes with a core integration solution that reads and writes to a bank’s core, enabling institutions to implement account opening and other third-party products.

Best Solution for Loan Growth: ProPair
ProPair leverages data from a bank’s customer relationship management or lead management systems to analyze the behavior, patterns and performance of individual loan officers, and uses those insights to predict which officer should be connected with a particular lead.

Best Small Business Solution: P2Binvestor
P2Binvestor provides an asset-based lending solution that includes collateral tracking and risk monitoring software, as well as back-office support to help banks administer these loans.

Best Solution for Improving Operations: Sandbox Banking
Sandbox Banking uses APIs to develop middleware that facilitates bi-directional information flows between bank systems. It can connect core processors, loan origination systems, customer relationship management software and just about any other data source a bank has.

Best Solution for Protecting the Bank: Illusive Networks
Illusive Networks uses endpoint-focused deception, planting false information across a bank’s network endpoints to catch hackers when they act on it and captures forensics from the compromised machine, enabling the bank to quickly remediate the situation.

Best of FinXTech Connect: Sandbox Banking
Sandbox Banking uses APIs to develop middleware that facilitates bi-directional information flows. The company works closely with banks to build the custom API connectors the bank needs in person and on the spot. 


DerivativePATHEdgeVerve Systems, Ltd.
Illusive NetworksHydrogen
P2Binvestor Inc.ProPair
RippleshotSandbox Banking
Treasury Prime