Hear from two experienced bank advisers on what CEOs and directors will need to know to succeed in 2012 and beyond. From regulatory and legal matters to M&A and capital market trends, learn how to best position your organization to take advantage of changes.

Video Length: 60 minutes

Highlights Include:

  • Patience & Being Prepared Will Be Rewarded
  • Low / No Premium Transactions Will Become More Common
  • Regulatory and Governance Updates

About The Presenters

john-freechack.pngJohn Freechack is the chairman of Barack Ferrazzano Financial Institutions Group. He has advised hundreds of financial institutions on corporate and regulatory matters for over 25 years. His extensive experience includes the representation of numerous public companies, as well as regional and community banks and thrifts. John spends considerable time counseling institutions with respect to mergers and acquisitions, regulatory enforcement, and securities and corporate law matters.

Al_Laufenberg.jpgAllen Laufenberg is the managing director for Stifel Nicolaus Weisel. His primary responsibilities include advising public and privately-owned depository and business development companies on a wide range of alternatives. Al has represented numerous depository institutions in whole bank mergers (buy side and sell side) as well as working for special committees.

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