Segment I: Exploring Your Growth Options

The State of the Banking Industry
Thomas Michaud
, President & CEO, Keefe, Bruyette & Woods, Inc., A Stifel Company
Where is the industry today and where is it headed? How has the pandemic altered the path of the industry, what are the key drivers for success, how is the industry changing and what do investors think? KBW CEO Tom Michaud sets the stage with the 2021 Bank Director State of the Banking Industry Presentation.
(Presentation Category: Planning for the Future)

What You & Your Board Need to Know for 2021
Robert Fleetwood
, Partner, Barack Ferrazzano Kirschbaum & Nagelberg LLP
Al Laufenberg, Managing Director, Keefe, Bruyette & Woods, Inc., A Stifel Company
This presentation continues the “Need to Know” series that has consistently been a popular highlight at the Acquire or Be Acquired Conference. Gain practical insight on what CEOs and directors need to know to succeed in 2021 and beyond.
(Presentation Category: Planning for the Future)

Understanding the Value of Your Bank
Curtis Carpenter, Senior Managing Director, Hovde Group, LLC
Has the value of your bank changed in the past year? How do the pandemic, zero interest rate environment and fluctuating bank stock prices combine to affect the value of your community bank? Is the answer different for rural and urban banks? Explore the answers to these and other questions in this fast-paced, data-driven segment.
(Presentation Category: Planning for the Future)

Coming Out Ahead After the Storm: Creating Franchise Value with more Nimble Liability Management
Jane Gladstone, President, IntraFi Network
Winston Churchill is believed to have said, “one should never let a good crisis go to waste.” The Covid-19 pandemic and the resulting economic downturn – along with excess liquidity, record low interest rates, limited loan demand and continued digitization are just a few of the many challenges facing banks today. Fortunately, for those banks who are willing to make the most of the current situation, there is a unique opportunity to improve franchise value. By adopting more nimble and flexible liability management strategies that allow them to maintain a low cost of funds (today and in the future), banks can improve their bottom line. Join Jane Gladstone, President of IntraFi Network, to learn how banks can take full advantage of today’s environment to acquire valuable customer relationships, optimize their depositor base and build a fortress balance sheet for tomorrow.
(Presentation Category: Planning for the Future)

Growth by Digital Banking and Banking as a Service
Heather Eastep
, Partner, Hunton Andrews Kurth LLP
Peter Weinstock
, Partner, Hunton Andrews Kurth LLP
In light of latent asset quality concerns and stock market valuations that have hammered the financial services sector, bank mergers & acquisitions have slowed significantly. Moreover, COVID has dramatically increased the transformation to digital banking. In this environment, customer acquisition and retention have been about technology. This presentation covers the current lay of the land as well as what is needed for financial institutions to compete in digital banking and engage in Banking-as-a-Service.
(Presentation Category: Leveraging Technology)

Swaps in the Community Bank Tool-Kit: Three Ideas for 2021
Mark Cvrkel
, EVP, Chief Financial Officer, Kish Bank
Bob Newman, Managing Director, Chatham Financial
Interest rate swaps are powerful tools, yet community bankers often choose to avoid direct contact due to perceived complexity. In this presentation a CFO shares how embracing and installing derivative capabilities at a $1B bank proved to be simpler than expected and reveals three pillars that form a framework for success in this challenging operating environment.
(Presentation Category: Raising Capital)

Capital Tools for an Offensive or Defensive Playbook
Michael Corso, Principal, Hovde Group, LLC
The landscape for raising capital in the banking sector underwent a sea change in 2020. In this presentation, we discuss the environment for raising capital, as well as the best capital alternatives in today’s world to help community bankers achieve their strategic goals in 2021 and beyond.
(Presentation Category: Raising Capital)

The Big Picture of Banking
Jack Milligan, Editor-at-Large, Bank Director
Bank Director’s Editor-at-Large takes an in-depth look at five critical issues that will impact the banking industry in 2021 and beyond.
(Presentation Category: Planning for the Future)

Banking’s Performance Powerhouses
Emily McCormick
, Vice President of Research, Bank Director
The 2021 RankingBanking study focused on banks that built long-term value for shareholders, but there’s not one simple recipe for running a successful institution. This presentation highlights the fundamental areas that drive the top performers’ enviable track record.
(Presentation Category: Performance Lessons)

RankingBanking: The Banks That Topped Our List
George Gleason, Chairman & CEO, Bank OZK
Mark Tryniski, President & CEO, Community Bank System, Inc.
Moderated by: Kara Baldwin, Partner, Crowe LLP and Emily McCormick, Vice President of Research, Bank Director
Based on the latest iteration of Bank Director’s RankingBanking study, we provide a sneak peek at the results of the long-term performers that weathered – and even outperformed through – the financial crisis. Now, hear directly from some of the banks that topped our list.
(Presentation Category: Performance Lessons)

RankingBanking: Getting Under the Hood of Horizon Bancorp
Craig Dwight
, Chairman & CEO, Horizon Bank
Emily McCormick
, Vice President of Research, Bank Director
The 2021 RankingBanking study focused on a diverse range of banks with varying business models and strengths. What these 20 banks all have in common is the ability to deliver long-term success for their shareholders. Bank Director’s Vice President of Research, Emily McCormick, explores the performance of one of those banks in this interview with Craig Dwight, CEO of $5.8 billion Horizon Bancorp. The Michigan City, Indiana-based bank ranked third overall in the study.
(Presentation Category: Performance Lessons)

Analyst Outlook for 2021
Jake Civiello, Northeast Analyst, Janney Montgomery Scott LLC
Tim Coffey, West Coast Analyst, Janney Montgomery Scott LLC
Brian Martin, Director, Janney Montgomery Scott LLC
John Rodis, Midwest Analyst, Janney Montgomery Scott LLC
Moderated by: Chris Marinac, Head of Research, Janney Montgomery Scott LLC
Janney Montgomery Scott’s Bank Research team discusses its 2021 outlook for banking and public bank stocks. They look ahead to the next 12 months with their expectations for how the economic recession can transition into a recovering U.S. banking system. Observe their real-time thoughts on video with Janney’s team which has a combined 116 years of experience.
(Presentation Category: Planning for the Future)

Raising Capital Efficiently with Ratings and Data
Van Hesser, Chief Strategist, Kroll Bond Rating Agency, Inc.
Nathan Powell, Managing Director, KBRA Analytics, Kroll Bond Rating Agency, Inc.
Joe Scott, Managing Director, Financial Institutions, Kroll Bond Rating Agency, Inc.
Community banks can efficiently raise capital and increase institutional deposits by achieving an investment grade rating. Advances in the way banks use internal and external data can help banks put themselves in a position to achieve IG credit ratings. Learn about how community bank credit ratings are generated from the market leader in community bank credit ratings, Kroll Bond Rating Agency.
(Presentation Category: Raising Capital)

Asset Liability Management Return Drivers in 2021
Steve Turner, Managing Director, Empyrean Solutions, LLC
The range of potential banking industry results for 2021 are wider than at any time in memory complicating bank earnings management. From a balance sheet management perspective there are a few key drivers – e.g., deposit levels – which we will analyze and discuss how to analyze their contribution to potential results variations for 2021.
(Presentation Category: Planning for the Future)

Building The Best of 2020 Into Your Business
Al Dominick, CEO, Bank Director
Dorothy Savarese, Chair & CEO, Cape Cod 5
Cape Cod 5 continues to receive national recognition for its support of local businesses. We ask their CEO about how community banks like hers can build on the gains they’ve made through the 2020 crisis.
(Presentation Category: Performance Lessons)

Why I Started A Bank in 2020
Al Dominick, CEO, Bank Director
Martin McCarthy, President & CEO, Founders Bank
What convinces someone to start a bank, let alone invest in one, during a pandemic? It starts with a few key things, as the CEO of the Washington, D.C.-based de novo Founders Bank makes clear in this conversation.
(Presentation Category: Performance Lessons)

The State of CRE and What It Means For Your Bank
Keith Banhazl, Managing Director, Structured Finance Group, Moody’s Investors Service, Inc.
Kevin Fagan, Vice President – Senior Credit Officer, Structured Finance Group, Moody’s Investors Service, Inc.
Megan Fox, Assistant Vice President – Analyst, Moody’s Investors Service, Inc.
Tiphany Lee-Allen, Vice President, US Financial Institutions Relationship Management, Moody’s Investors Service, Inc.
Lloyd Pepperl, Senior Vice President, US Public Finance, Moody’s Investors Service, Inc.
Joseph Pucella, Senior Vice President, North American Banks & Finance, Moody’s Investors Service, Inc.
In today’s uncertain economic environment, banks’ commercial real estate portfolios require a closer look to identify potential problems as well as opportunities. Moody’s Investors Service Commercial Group, who manage commercial relationships with issuers and other market participants seeking ratings services, starts with a brief introduction. During this presentation, Moody’s CRE experts Keith Banhazl and Kevin Fagan, highlight the latest trends and hot spots with U.S. CRE. Moody’s U.S. bank analysts, Joe Pucella and Megan Fox, then discuss the implications for U.S. regional and community banks.
(Presentation Category: Planning for the Future)

Balance Sheet Optimization – Driving Profitability
Omar Hinojosa, Senior Consultant, Taylor Advisors
Todd Taylor, Founder, President & Managing Director, Taylor Advisors
In 2019, banks nationally were 87% dependent on net interest income. With the lion’s share of earnings coming from Net Interest Margin (NIM), implementing a disciplined approach around NIM management to capitalize on opportunities and avoid mistakes will make the difference between underperforming and outperforming institutions. This presentation is designed for C-Suite executives that want to learn how to enhance balance sheet discussions to drive earnings improvement for their institution. For Inspired by Acquire or Be Acquired attendees, Taylor Advisors is providing a complimentary Performance Snapshot that provides an in-depth report on your bank’s margin, yield and cost in comparison to state peer averages. Please go to to request yours.
(Presentation Category: Planning for the Future)

Key Planning and Governance Priorities for Bank Boards Today
Paroon Chadha, Co-Founder & CEO, Passageways, Inc.
Steve Williams, President & Partner, Cornerstone Advisors, Inc.
Join Cornerstone Advisors President and Partner, Steve Williams, and OnBoard Co-Founder and CEO, Paroon Chadha as they discuss five priorities bank boards should focus on in 2021. This presentation explores emerging technology trends, advice for structuring an ESG materiality assessment, strategies for evolving your bank’s DEI playbook and more.
(Presentation Category: Planning for the Future)

Raising Bank Capital in 2021 – How to Think About the Markets
Eric Corrigan, Senior Managing Director & Head of FIG, Commerce Street Capital, LLC
Michael Perry, Managing Director, Commerce Street Capital, LLC
This presentation covers how to think about approaching the market for capital, whether it is defensive to fill a hole, offensive to be opportunistic or in conjunction with an acquisition. How are investors thinking about banks and what are their hot button topics you should be prepared for when you go to market?
(Presentation Category: Raising Capital)

When Shareholder Value and Technology Collide
Steve Williams
, President & Partner, Cornerstone Advisors, Inc.
Bank executives are beginning to view Big Tech and fintech disruptors as a more significant long-term threat than other financial institutions and this strategic threat has become more significant after the events of 2020. Hear insights about the impact that tech-driven competition will have on growth strategies and our ability to create sustainable shareholder value. The next decade is likely to decide which banks make it through this strategic shift.
(Presentation Category: Leveraging Technology)

Best-in-Class Banks: How to Digitize and Secure Board Materials in a Virtual World
Gavin Bernstein, Sales Director, Diligent Corporation
In 2020, the most valuable possession a bank holds isn’t a stack of gold bars or a safety deposit box full of diamonds and rubies. It’s data. With a heightened proximity to highly sensitive information, banks – and small banks in particular – are an attractive target for cyber-attackers. Whether it’s client PII or capital status and availability of information, it’s essential that confidential data remains protected. Meanwhile, legacy systems hinder the visibility and speed of decision making for today’s boards. How have other leading banks and credit unions begun to digitize board processes? This presentation covers: the various security risks banks face, and how to limit them; how the shift to remote work has highlighted security limitations – and how to fix them; and the importance of convenience and usability when it comes to adopting a secure digital solution.
(Presentation Category: Leveraging Technology)

Ask Me Anything – A Live Q+A With KBW’s Tom Michaud
Al Dominick, CEO, Bank Director
Thomas Michaud, President & CEO, Keefe, Bruyette & Woods, Inc., A Stifel Company
In this live Q+A, Bank Director’s CEO, Al Dominick, facilitates an hour-long conversation with the CEO of KBW, Tom Michaud. The two talk about avenues for growth in 2021, the challenge of staying relevant and the type of competition banks now face. In addition, the two welcome questions from officers and directors, especially those pertaining to M&A, fintech and today’s market conditions.
(Recorded Session Now Available – Category: Planning for the Future)

Segment II: Mergers and Acquisitions

2020: The Year the World Changed
Scott Anderson
, Managing Director, Co-Head Depositories Investment Banking, Keefe, Bruyette & Woods, Inc., A Stifel Company
Joseph Berry, Managing Director, Co-Head Depositories Investment Banking, Keefe, Bruyette & Woods, Inc., A Stifel Company
In the last year, the world changed drastically. How will the industry change? Will consolidation accelerate? If so, how will deals happen? Join us for a review of last year and an outlook for 2021.
(Presentation Category: M&A Opportunities)

The Expected Resurgence of MOEs in 2021
Bill Burgess
, Managing Director, Co-Head of Financial Services Investment Banking, Piper Sandler Companies
David Sandler
, Managing Director, Co-Head of Financial Services Investment Banking, Piper Sandler Companies
Given the current challenges that most banks face in this low-interest rate and low growth environment, the importance of size and scale has never been more critical. The industry witnessed a wave of low-premium bank mergers pre-COVID, and we expect a resurgence in 2021 Q2 onward. In this panel discussion, we discuss why we expect “Merger-of-Equals” to become more prevalent and how you can prepare for and take full advantage of this strategic opportunity.
(Presentation Category: M&A Opportunities)

What Yogi-isms Teach Us About Transactions Between Banks and Credit Unions
Joseph Silvia
, Partner, Howard & Howard
While the thought of linking up with a credit union to do a deal is anathema to banks, these deals are happening and credit unions have emerged as competitive buyers. In many cases, strategic transactions with credit unions can make economic and business sense. This presentation addresses the various business and regulatory aspects of these transactions, as well as the potential challenges and benefits.
(Presentation Category: M&A Opportunities)

Who’s Driving and Who’s Riding in an MOE
Al Dominick, CEO, Bank Director
Bryan Jordan, President & CEO, First Horizon National Corporation
Putting together two like-sized organizations requires clear expectations from both leadership teams. When First Horizon and IBERIABANK considered a strategic merger, their CEOs talked about how to make it practical. Hear more about the acquisition during this segment and how the two positioned the bank for the future.
(Presentation Category: M&A Lessons)

Beyond the Exchange Ratio: Developing a Successful Peer Merger
Jonathan Hightower
, Partner, Fenimore, Kay, Harrison & Ford, LLP
Kevin Strachan, Partner, Fenimore, Kay, Harrison & Ford, LLP
With predictions of continued depressed interest rates and intense competition for loans, the case for strategic mergers of community banks as a way to drive efficiency and gain scale has never been stronger. However, the financial terms are only the beginning in such a transaction. This presentation addresses the common stumbling blocks in peer mergers and the best indicators of successful transactions.
(Presentation Category: M&A Opportunities)

A Whole New World: What Will Drive Bank M&A in 2021?
Robert Flowers
, Partner, Stinson LLP
Adam Maier
, Partner, Stinson LLP
Despite clear challenges, well-positioned banks will have significant opportunities on the M&A front in 2021. This presentation includes real-world advice focusing on how purchasers can be well-prepared to be acquisitive in 2021 and the heightened awareness that must be exhibited in this new world, particularly from the due diligence and regulatory approval aspects of the process.
(Presentation Category: M&A Opportunities)

M&A Survey Results
Rick Childs
, Partner, Crowe LLP
Emily McCormick, Vice President of Research, Bank Director
Peer insight takes many forms. During this presentation, we share the results of our annual M&A research efforts in such a way that participants learn what their contemporaries envision for 2021 as part of a fast-paced, fifteen minute segment.
(Presentation Category: M&A Lessons)

Valuation Lessons Learned From Credit Union & Bank Transactions
Jay Wilson
, Vice President, Mercer Capital
In recent years, credit unions (CUs) have been increasingly active as acquirers in whole bank and branch transactions. This presentation focuses on the top considerations for CUs when assessing and valuing bank and branch franchises in the current environment. For bankers, this presentation should enhance your knowledge regarding how CUs identify possible targets, assess potential opportunities and risks of a bank or branch acquisition and ultimately determine a valuation range for target banks and branches.
(Presentation Category: Valuation)

Leveraging Data to Drive Financial Value
Steven Poynot, Chief Information Officer & EVP, Howard Bank
Kimberly Snyder, CEO & Founder, KlariVis
Moderated by: Jeff Marsico, President, The Kafafian Group
Banks undergo mergers and acquisitions for various reasons; however, at its core, an M&A transaction is largely about realizing the economic benefits generated with the consolidation. This presentation features a discussion of the data challenges presented with a merger or acquisition. Discover strategies to mitigate the challenges, thereby unleashing the power of your data to drive financial value to the combined entity.
(Presentation Category: M&A Opportunities)

Before You Buy: Due Diligence You Don’t Want to Forget
Charlie Cameron, Managing Principal, Financial Institutions, CliftonLarsonAllen LLP
Susan Sabo, Principal, Financial Institutions, CliftonLarsonAllen LLP
Todd Sprang, Principal, Financial Institutions, CliftonLarsonAllen LLP
The financial institution industry expects to see an uptick in M&A activity in 2021, and the due diligence period is a critical step. This presentation covers the critical areas of focus and how to produce a meaningful offer.
(Presentation Category: M&A Lessons)

Prepping for a Potentially Big Year
Andy Gibbs, Senior Vice President, Mercer Capital
Jeff Davis, Managing Director, Mercer Capital
Barring another recession or material reduction in bank stock valuations in the public markets, M&A activity should improve as 2021 progresses. However, some boards that would like to sell may have a hard time accepting a lower price versus what was obtainable a couple of years ago. One way to bridge the bid-ask gap is to consider transactions with more rather than less consideration consisting of the buyer’s common shares. Cash deals “cash-out” shareholders who then reinvest after-tax proceeds. Stock deals allow the target’s shareholders to remain invested in a sector that still trades cheap to longer-term valuations.
(Presentation Category: Valuation)

How to Turn High-Impact Mergers & Acquisitions Into High-Value Customer Experiences
Andy Saner, Senior Vice President, Product Engineering & Data Services, Harland Clarke Corp.
Carrie Stapp, Senior Vice President, Financial Institution Product, Harland Clarke Corp.
Bank mergers and acquisitions represent enormous opportunities. The unfortunate reality is some fail to harness the full potential of the customer base due to poor customer experiences. These high-impact events are high-value engagement opportunities in disguise. In this presentation, Harland Clarke experts share proven best practices to engage, satisfy and retain customers through a major M&A transition.
(Presentation Category: M&A Lessons)

M&A in the Aftermath of COVID
Justin Evans, Senior Vice President, Stephens, Inc.
Ted Rosinus, Managing Director, Stephens, Inc.
Frank Sorrentino, Managing Director, Stephens, Inc.
Scott Studwell, Managing Director and Head of Depository Group, Stephens, Inc.
M&A in the aftermath of COVID-19 should, and will, be different. While the near-term interest rate environment will produce environmental pressures, COVID has likely led to systemic changes to bank M&A. Have tangible book value earn-back thresholds changed? Should baseline cost savings be different? How should you think about credit marks? Do MOEs make more, or less, sense? What role should technology play in assessing your target market? Are core deposits more important in a post COVID world? This presentation explores these topics, and more.
(Recorded Session Now Available – Category: M&A Opportunities)

Segment III: Digital Transformation

The Next Digital Wave
Greg Carmichael
, Chairman & CEO, Fifth Third Bancorp
Al Dominick
, CEO, Bank Director
The integration of technology and financial services is a key theme of 2021. In this conversation with the CEO of Fifth Third Bancorp, we dive deeper into this idea and focus on areas of opportunity banks should consider today.
(Presentation Category: Tech Strategy)

What Does It Mean To Digitally Transform Retail Banking?
Robert Reggiannini
, Senior Manager, Crowe LLP
Timothy Reimink
, Managing Director, Crowe LLP
Given that online and digital banking is the primary mode of banking for most customers, and branch traffic continues to decline, financial institutions have come to the realization their branch banking model must be transformed. During this presentation, Crowe consultants share their perspectives and advice on what financial institutions should be considering as they seek to keep branches and retail banking successful in the future. Information on what banks are already doing to transform will be shared, as well as advice on how to develop an effective transformation strategy for branches.
(Presentation Category: Customer Engagement)

The Bankers Perspective: Negotiating Technology Contracts Before & During Your Next Deal
Ryan Rackley
, Partner, Cornerstone Advisors, Inc.
Negotiating accretive value savings within technology contracts starts well before the transaction and can also be accomplished during the M&A event itself. Practical application of negotiation techniques during and even leading into an M&A event will be discussed. This presentation covers how to make progress in a chaotic business environment, negotiating best practices, key negotiation value drivers and a scenario walk through of a merger of equals technology stack negotiation.
(Presentation Category: Contract Negotiation)

RankingBanking: Weaving Together Technology & Strategy as WSFS Financial Corp.
Al Dominick, CEO, Bank Director
Rodger Levenson, Chairman, President & CEO, WSFS Financial Corporation and WSFS Bank
Wilmington, Delaware-based WSFS Financial Corp. was the only bank to win two categories in Bank Director’s 2021 RankingBanking study, with top honors for its board and technology strategy. But these two categories are more connected than one might think, as the bank’s technology strategy derives from its focus on long-term performance. Bank Director CEO Al Dominick digs further into the bank’s digital transformation in this one-on-one interview with WSFS Chairman and CEO Rodger Levenson.
(Presentation Category: Tech Strategy)

Foreign Exchange & International Payments – Growth Opportunities for Regional and Community Banks
Darsh Mariyappa
, Head of FX Sales and Strategy, Derivative Path, Inc.
This presentation covers the changing landscape of cross-border payments: from opaque correspondent bank models with back-office cost centers, to revenue generating front-office programs that look to be more transparent and competitive, and bringing their foriegn exchange (FX) in-house. Technology disruptors and non-bank providers are helping financial institutions explore these transformations.
(Presentation Category: Payments)

DP Core Contracts: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly with M&A or Otherwise
Erin Fonté
, Partner, Hunton Andrews Kurth LLP
This presentation discusses the top 10 issues to address in core service provider agreements and what banks need to know in the current environment about bank product and technology roadmap issues to be addressed in core provider agreement terms, such as application program interface (“API”) integration and digital channels so the bank can strategically plan for the future.
(Presentation Category: Contract Negotiations)

Future-Proofing Digital Banking: Ensure You’re Supporting Your Entire Customer Base
Jennifer Dimenna, Vice President of Xpress Commercial Engagement, Apiture
Joe Watkins, Director of Treasury Management Market Performance, Pinnacle Financial Partners
As banks grow, they need to be confident that their digital banking platform can grow with them. However, depending on a bank’s growth strategy, there may come a time when it has outgrown a segment of the platform that has served their consumers and small businesses. That segment is large corporate customers. Large corporates have a set of needs that will never be met on a digital platform that is optimized for consumers and SMBs. Countless vendors attempt to solve the “single platform” problem, when in reality, no single platform will ever be enough.
(Presentation Category: Customer Engagement)

The Fast Track to Digital Banking
Paul Clarkson, Executive Vice President, nCino
Hugh Connelly, Chief Lending Officer, Huntingdon Valley Bank
Given the massive changes taking place, there is an urgent need for financial institutions to embrace digital banking capabilities and swiftly modify business and operational models to better serve customers and empower employees to work in new ways. Hear from a community bank describing the realities of an accelerated digital implementation and how they implemented a cloud-based digital banking platform in just 72 days.
(Presentation Category: Tech Strategy)

From Agile to Intelligent – The Future of Financial Institutions
Justin Norwood, Associate Director, Product Management, nCino
Andrew Poulsen, Regional Vice President, Sales, Portfolio Analytics, nCino
The ability to interact across departments in your financial institution and with your customers digitally and efficiently is what the agile enterprise is all about. But becoming agile is only the first step toward something even more powerful – the intelligent enterprise. Hear how AI and powerful analytics can give FIs the power to make timely, data-driven decisions that are key for both efficient growth and effective risk management.
(Presentation Category: Tech Strategy)

Negotiating with Fintechs – Beyond Due Diligence
Raj Patel, COO & Co-Founder, MANTL
When fintech startups began to emerge, many were touted as “disruptors” who would put the “banking dinosaurs” out of business — it hasn’t quite worked out that way. Instead, financial technology is impacting the industry in three main ways: changing consumer behavior, creating new business models and changing the basis of competition in the industry. This presentation reviews the principal issues banks should address when evaluating their relationships with new fintechs, whether as a service provider, partner or affiliate. This presentation also reviews key contractual considerations and the importance of sharing the responsibility for, and the benefits of, success.
(Presentation Category: Tech Strategy)

How Digital Banking Transformation Paid Off in the Pandemic
Nathaniel Harley, CEO and Co-Founder, MANTL
Dale Oberkfell, President & CFO, Midwest BankCentre
Now more than ever, banks need digital solutions to drive deposit growth. Midwest BankCentre, a 113-year old family-owned bank, teamed up with MANTL to launch Rising Bank, a digital-only branch that raised $75 million in its first 10 weeks at a 60% lower operating cost compared to physical branches. Learn about Midwest BankCentre’s amazing growth trajectory.
(Presentation Category: Branch Strategy)

Why We Are All-In On BaaS
Michael Coghlan, CEO, BrightFi
Al Dominick, CEO, Bank Director
Banking as a Services (BaaS) provides well-known, non-financial brands the ability to offer banking products and services. In this segment, we talk with the CEO of BrightFi about how this business approach improves their balance sheet, while also acquiring customers at a fraction of the cost relative to peers.
(Presentation Category: Tech Strategy)

Partnering for Success with Integrated Receivables – Or Lose Your Corporate Customers
Tom Berdan, Chief Marketing Officer, DadeSystems
Dan Sollis, Executive Vice President, DadeSystems
The Integrated Receivables landscape is changing as payments shift from paper to electronic. Corporate customers are struggling with these changes as new channels emerge. Corporations are looking to their bank but lag fintechs in seizing the market opportunity. Learn how to partner to offer these treasury management services, or face the prospect of losing your corporate customers to a fintech.
(Presentation Category: Payments)

Innovation Versus Disruption: Enabling Success in the Digital World
Kevin Polinsky, Managing Director, Compliance Systems LLC
Allan Rayson, Chief Innovation Officer & Chief Technology Officer, Encore Bank
Erin Simpson, Chief Risk Officer, Encore Bank
Your institution’s digital strategy isn’t just about keeping up with the lowest common denominator in technology. Surviving isn’t thriving – not for your business and not for your customers. This presentation examines some of the important distinctions between digital innovation and digital disruption and how you can best position your institution to capitalize on the digital banking experience.
(Presentation Category: Tech Strategy)

Custody of Digital Assets
Rick Levin, Partner, Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough LLP
Brad Rustin, Partner, Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough LLP
The issue of custody of digital assets is a complex problem that has plagued the development of the fintech industry. This session provides a brief overview of distributed ledger technology, blockchain technology, digital currencies, digital assets, wallets, guidance from the OCC, the SEC’s response and state regulation of digital assets.
(Presentation Category: Tech Strategy)

Monetizing Digital Transformation – Primacy, Product and Payoff
Mike Branton, Partner, StrategyCorps
Digital transformation of your bank is costly and in most cases doesn’t produce immediate new sources of revenue or cost-savings. What are the data and product fundamentals you have to have in place to immediately grow your bottom-line in a customer-friendly, relationship-based way that is aligned with your bank’s transformation? StrategyCorps presents how the power of understanding and leveraging consumer primacy and leading with differentiated, mobile-first products can deliver recurring revenue streams that immediately help fund your bank’s digital transformation investment.
(Presentation Category: Tech Strategy)

Neobanks: The Pursuit of Market and Mind Share
Michael Perito, Managing Director, Research , Keefe, Bruyette and Woods, Inc., A Stifel Company
While the creation of fintechs, such as Neobanks, surged in the years following the recession; the pandemic served as a significant catalyst for this group of digital disruptors, accelerating customer and revenue growth and increasing valuations. While their long-term potential for success is still debated, their impact to the banking competitive landscape will be increasingly felt going forward.
(Presentation Category: Tech Strategy)

The Future of Banking is Self-Service
Dan O’Malley, Co-Founder & CEO, Numerated
Business banking has long lagged in the race for digital transformation. While COVID-19 and PPP have accelerated digitization progress, there is much to be done to meet new borrower expectations. The future of business banking is self-service. FIs that can harness data to deliver convenient lending experiences will lead the competition, win loyal customers and increase revenue across product lines.
(Presentation Category: Tech Strategy)

Segment IV: Risk & Regulations

A Conversation About COVID’s Impact on Your Bank’s Provision Expense
Jim Oleff, Audit Senior Manager, Crowe LLP
Mandi Simpson, Partner, Crowe LLP
Join Crowe in a conversation about what they saw over the course of the pandemic in different allowance calculations and as they share what they expect to see as banks close out the calendar year 2020. This presentation compares and contrasts outcomes of the two different allowance models that were in place during the year (CECL and Incurred Loss). It also discusses relevant implications to the allowance under both approaches that banks continue to face – challenges with establishing appropriate allowances on loans modified due to COVID and evaluating the need for qualitative factors and supporting those amounts with robust analyses. This discussion also covers the impact of certain extensions of the CARES Act that were enacted on December 27, 2020, which extend TDR relief and the optional CECL delay.
(Presentation Category: Regulations)

What Changes Can Banks Expect in 2021?
C. Robert Monroe
, Partner, Stinson LLP
Nate Van Emon
, Partner, Stinson LLP
The banking industry will see a major shift in the regulatory landscape under the Biden Administration. This shift, coupled with the ongoing pandemic, will present challenges that may affect your bank’s business. This presentation highlights the changes that could impact the financial well-being and operations of your bank as a result of the new administration.
(Presentation Category: Regulations)

An Interview with Rodgin Cohen
Rodgin Cohen, Senior Chairman, Sullivan & Cromwell LLP
Jack Milligan, Editor-at-Large, Bank Director
The industry’s top lawyer offers his views on the heightened cybersecurity threat facing banks today, the outlook for bank M&A in 2021, and how regulation could change under the Biden Administration.
(Presentation Category: Risk)

Segment V: Compensation & Talent

Creating a Strategically Aligned Board
J. Scott Petty, Partner, Financial Services, Chartwell Partners
A corporate board’s composition should change over time, responding to changes in the operating environment as well as the growth of the bank and the evolution of its strategy. Uncover the trends driving boards to evaluate their composition, and learn how to assess performance and work with a search firm to identify new directors.
(Presentation Category: Leadership)

Leading With Purpose
Richard Davis
, President & CEO, Make-A-Wish Foundation of America
Al Dominick
, CEO, Bank Director
Did you know that the former CEO of US Bank now leads the Make-A-Wish Foundation? Having worn two distinct hats, we talk with Richard Davis about how, and where, bank CEOs can lead their teams’ efforts to support their communities.
(Presentation Category: Leadership)

Incentivizing Executives in a M&A Environment
Susan O’Donnell, Partner, Meridian Compensation Partners, LLC
Daniel Rodda, Partner, Meridian Compensation Partners, LLC
Retaining a motivated and aligned executive team is critical in ensuring success through M&A transactions. This presentation evaluates several strategies for incentivizing executives in the midst of a merger or acquisition. Topics include: 1) the role of change-in-control protections in ensuring retention and performance; 2) the role of special retention incentives; and 3) how to establish post-merger incentive programs. We share data from Meridian’s recent CIC practices survey and provide checklists of factors to consider when designing executive retention awards and designing post-merger compensation programs.
(Presentation Category: Compensation)

Segment VI: Lending & Credit Risk

Playing to Win: The Community Bank’s Guide to SMB Lending in 2021
Adam Figueira, Vice President of Marketing, LendingFront
Small business borrowers are reassessing relationships with their banks and forcing them to adapt both their processes and products to better meet their needs. To preserve these relationships, banks must ensure that capital continues flowing while simultaneously managing risk. This presentation covers how community banks can easily assess the creditworthiness of different types of small businesses and solve “the data challenge” associated with small business lending.
(Presentation Category: Small Business Lending)

Managing Emerging Credit Risk
John Bourquard, Principal, Loan Review Services, BKD, LLP
Suzanne Kacinski, Managing Director, Loan Review Services, BKD, LLP
Join BKD’s Loan Review Services leaders for discussion around the pandemic’s effect on the industry so far, loan performance observations, and concentrations for consideration. The session will wrap by sharing nine key takeaways for your institution to consider. The presentation also includes nine key takeaways for your institution to consider.
(Presentation Category: Credit Risk)

How Best To Deal With 2021 Credit Uncertainties
David Ruffin, Principal, IntelliCredit, A Division of QwickRate
After 2020’s pandemic-induced uncertainties about our bank’s credit quality, 2021 will require bankers to take proactive steps to both quantify and manage the credit after-shocks of COVID-19, including identifying hotspots in variously impacted subsets of our portfolios. In other words, writing our own risk profile script – before the regulator, or peer, does it for us!
(Recorded Session Now Available – Category: Credit Risk)

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