Virtual Event
December 03, 2020

9:30 AM – 9:50 AM CST
Welcome: Setting the Stage
Al Dominick, CEO, Bank Director and FinXTech
David Koscheski, Director, US Financial Services Industry, Microsoft
Derik Sutton, Vice President Product & Experience, Autobooks
To kick off the day’s sessions, we outline the opportunities available to participants to explore and connect on new ideas, strategies and initiatives to grow their companies.

9:50 AM – 10:20 AM CST
Negotiating with Fintechs – Beyond Due Diligence
Raj Patel, Co-Founder, COO & CFO, MANTL
When fintech startups began to emerge, many were touted as “disruptors” who would put the “banking dinosaurs” out of business — it hasn’t quite worked out that way. Instead, financial technology is impacting the industry in three main ways: changing consumer behavior, creating new business models and changing the basis of competition in the industry. This session reviews the principal issues banks should address when evaluating their relationships with new fintechs, whether as a service provider, partner or affiliate. This session also reviews key contractual considerations and the importance of sharing the responsibility for, and benefits of, success.

10:20 AM – 10:50 AM CST
What Openness Means in Digital Banking Today & How Banks Can Embrace This
Nikhil Lakhanpal, Co-Founder, Narmi
With competition for deposits and loans at an all-time high, banks must innovate quickly to meet evolving customer needs or else lose market share to emerging fintechs and challenger banks. By leveraging an open digital banking platform, banks can remain competitive and deliver robust functionality with a speed to market unheard of in the industry. Join Nikhil as he dives into what openness means and how banks can deliver customized functionality for long-lasting growth.

10:50 AM – 11:20 AM CST
Quontic Bank: How to Adapt Banking Culture to Enable Fast Transformation
Raj Patel, Co-Founder, COO & CFO, MANTL
Patrick Sells, Chief Innovation Officer, Quontic Bank
In mid-2018, Quontic Bank faced pressure from the OCC to increase core deposits. To rapidly scale deposit operations, Quontic has reinvented itself as a mission-driven digital bank. Along the way, they have transformed their internal culture to embrace change and focus on “progress over perfection.”

As a CDFI, Quontic is also committed to using technology to reimagine how banks can serve their communities, especially those affected by the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. Learn how Quontic is leveraging technology to grow customer relationships, streamline operations and realize cost savings online and at its physical branch.

11:20 AM – 12:20 PM CST

12:20 PM – 12:50 PM CST
Partnering During a Pandemic
Neil Kahrim, Director of Growth & Operations, OakNorth
Sam Sidhu, Vice Chairman & COO, Customers Bank
Moderated by: Emily McCormick, Vice President of Research, Bank Director
In this session, we hear how Customers Bank partnered with leading fintechs such as OakNorth throughout the COVID-19 pandemic to provide over 100,000 PPP loans, making it the sixth most active PPP lender in the US. Participants will learn how Customers Bank is leveraging OakNorth’s technology to achieve its goals of increasing and expanding commercial client relationships, while driving a lower efficiency ratio and bolstering its already outstanding credit and risk culture.

12:50 PM – 1:50 PM CST
Demonstration Sessions
Scott Magruder
, Regional Account Manager, Velocity Solutions, LLC
Randy Piatt, Senior Director of Product Solutions, OnDot Systems, Inc.
Lowell Reynolds, Digital Architect, Narmi
Moderated by: Al Dominick, CEO, Bank Director and FinXTech
Participants hear from three technology companies as they provide a demonstration of their product or service and explain how banks can best use their product or service. After all three demos, participants have a chance to ask questions of the fintech providers.