Events : Inspired By Acquire or Be Acquired: What Officers & Directors Need To Know Now

Content Overview

Board-Level Intelligence Package
Inspired by our Acquire or Be Acquired Conference, this exclusive digital content aggregates current topics, trends, statistics and market insight on a new platform. By surfacing financial, technology and industry trends, we help the senior-most leaders within the banking industry use their time wisely to get current on a host of issues and relevant ideas. Bank Director has designed this as a comprehensive playbook for leadership teams to rely on beginning in February 2021.

Strategic Planning & Board Sessions
Unlike a digital conference, this board-level intelligence package does not require daily log-ins or excessive time in front of a computer monitor. By aggregating the type of leadership issues one would find at a conference like Acquire or Be Acquired into short-form segments, we clearly (and concisely) bring the best of the professional services world to life, allowing you and your board team to plan for the road ahead. At a high level, the information provided addresses complex challenges facing officers and directors. Some segments reflect conversations designed to take place in the board room; while others reflect real-time data business leaders might base short-term performance goals off of.  

Timely, Relevant Content
The exclusive intelligence package is made available on Thursday, February 4 – Friday, February 19, 2021. Each presentation includes a 20-30 minute video and provides supporting information which includes written content, in the form of white papers, articles and/or research reports. In addition, registered users can engage directly with their constituents through peer-to-peer messaging. For those interested in arranging meetings to speak directly with industry experts, we provide a simple and secure messaging application within

Build On The Content Inspired By Acquire or Be Acquired
To build on the online board-level intelligence package, the Bank Director team can bring our over 26 years of industry knowledge and event presentations to the boardroom. Designed specifically for banks, Bank Director will work with your board and/or executive team to develop an agenda, from one hour to a full day, to contribute to your overall planning meeting and/or executive and board retreat.

In addition, to allow you and your board to stay on top of industry trends and regulations when and where you want, we put together our Online Training Series designed specifically for bank boards. For more information on how Bank Director can assist you and your team, please contact our Bank Services Department at or call us directly at 615-777-8461.

For more information about Acquire or Be Acquired and the online content, please contact our events department directly at or 877-397-7595.