Session Presenters

Rex Copeland

SVP, Chief Financial Officer

Great Southern Bank

Todd Cuppia

Managing Director, Head of Balance Sheet Risk Management

Chatham Financial

David Sweeney

Managing Director

Chatham Financial

Breakout V: Protect Earnings and Capital Using Derivatives

Investors compensate bank managers for smooth, predictable earnings, asset growth and capital management. Changing interest rate environments impact each of these metrics. Banks have ways to manage changing interest rates, but banks often lack the most powerful and flexible tool: derivatives. Bankers sometimes shy away from using hedging strategies due to a lack of experience, a cautious board and concerns about accounting. Attend this session to hear how bankers have overcome these areas of resistance to add this tool to protect earnings and capital.

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Session Resources

  • Protect Earnings and Capital Using Derivatives
  • Navigating the Turbulence of Rising Rates, Inflation and Volatility