Session Presenters

Brett Dooies

Associate Director, Product Management


Ali Maquet

Director, Product Management


Breakout 5: Experience-Driven Automation for Time, Retention and Growth

Microenvironmental conditions and consumer habits continue to drive customer and workforce requirements for personalized digital experiences. In many cases, the experience has become the product. For financial institutions (FIs), this means maintaining relevancy by delivering products and services through experiences that are proactive, consistent and frictionless not only for their customers, but their bankers as well. The challenge they face is maintaining the human element in relationship building which has been integral to the industry’s success with the incorporation of automation to drive the industry forward. With customers’ value for human empathy increasing as much as their digital expectations, how can FIs prioritize the customer relationship while also supporting the digital channels customers expect in a digital-first world? In this deep dive session, we look at an approach for automating routine processes for scale and efficiency to augment bankers’ ways of working to drive time, retention, and growth.

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  • Experience-Driven Automation for Time, Retention and Growth