Welcome to the Great Unknown

The ink is dry on Dodd-Frank, and now bank executives and board members are cracking open the 2,300-page rulebook to try to discern what it all means for the industry going forward. One thing’s for sure. The law of unintended consequences will surely come into play as bankers, regulators, and consumers begin the onerous task of compliance.


A Short Leash on Risk

Bankers all across the country are beginning to tighten up their lending practices as a response to the regulatory pressure they are under to keep lending plain, conservative, and firmly under control.

Article ON – 06/03/2011
Back in the Saddle

Former FDIC chairman Bill Isaac has taken the reins as the new chairman of Fifth Third Bancorp., the first banking agency head to assume the chairman’s role back on the other side of the fence. Bank Director spoke to him about his career, growing the bank, and why, in his view, Dodd-Frank is an unmitigated disaster.

Article ON – 06/03/2011
2010 Director Compensation Review

The results of Bank Director’s latest compensation survey, cosponsored by Blanchard Chase, offer an in-depth review of industry pay practices and reveal how the latest issues and trends in compensation are affecting banks and directors nationwide.

Article ON – 06/03/2011

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