Governance Resources

Performance Surveys
Today, many high performing bank boards and executive teams are regularly using evaluation tools to match the talent and experience of their directors and senior leaders with their strategic goals. As part of the membership program, Bank Director is pleased to offer two self evaluation tools – one for your bank’s board and one for your bank’s executive team. Each performance survey is designed to provide an independent review of your team’s effectiveness utilizing confidential surveys of individual directors and executives. Learn More.

Board Structure Guidelines
Built from consultations with three major bank regulators, Bank Director’s Board Structure Guidelines provide a bank’s board with the knowledge needed to assess the overall board structure. Each unit takes a deep dive into committee functions, compensation and structure, reporting and insightful data, along with sample charters and additional materials and resources. Learn More.

Glossary of Terms
As part of the membership program, Bank Director provides members with access to an in-depth glossary of banking terms. This provides outside directors with terminology regularly used in the boardroom and by the executive team. Learn More.

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Governance Resources

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