The 2017 FinXTech Annual Summit brought together senior executives from banks, technology companies and investment firms from across the U.S. to shine a light on what is really generating top line growth and bottom line profits through partnerships, collaboration and investments. In addition, at the conclusion of the Summit, stand-out partnerships by and between banks and fintech companies were recognized through our Best of FinXTech Awards.

Invaluable insight was shared, discussed and debated regarding how bank leaders and technology innovators are thinking about intelligently experimenting with emerging tools and products at a time when there are no pre-established standards. Some of the topics that were explored include:

  • Keeping Pace With Innovation
  • Investing In Partnerships
  • Engaging With Today’s Consumers
  • Leveraging New Technologies
  • Investing In Ideation
  • Challenging Regulatory Perspectives

For more information about the 2018 FinXTech Annual Summit and to register, please contact us at [email protected] or (877) 397-7595.