June 16, 2020

June 16, 2020

Session Began
2:00PM EST

Organizations are continuously experiencing change. But regardless of the change, whether it is related to operational processes, new technology, new products, compliance requirements or strategic initiatives, change is constant and necessary for growth and profitability. A well-defined change management process is critical to minimizing the impact that change has on an organization.

Leveraging the data that your ERM program already contains is an effective way to help create and manage the overall change management process within your organization. Your ERM program generally assesses and maintains detailed information related to strategy, operations and the remediation plans needed to mitigate the impact on the organization. It is the tangents of this data that are vital to a successful change management process. When an organization utilizes this information aggregately and leverages it with a well-defined change management process, your ability to proactively manage change increases your overall effectiveness. The end result is the ability to streamline your allocation of capital and resources.

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