Technology continues to impact commercial lending processes, deposit gathering strategies and the very concept of what it takes to lead a strong performing institution. Given the momentum of technology-driven change, FinXTech offers senior executives from across the financial industry a unique opportunity to convene during Bank Director’s 25th annual Acquire or Be Acquired Conference. Over a three-day period, we take a closer look at the implications of new products and strategies for banks today. We do so by exploring myriad growth options while considering opportunities to streamline workflows and rationalize new efficiencies.

Don’t Be Left Behind

While a number of banks seek to extend their footprint and franchise value through acquisition, many more aspire to build the bank internally. Join an audience of over 1,500 of your peers that includes qualified technology executives along with bank CEOs, chairmen, presidents, CFOs, COOs, CIOs, CTOs, CLOs, CMOs, and the heads of retail and strategy.

Explore What’s Coming Over The Next Three Years

This year, we focus on technology vis-a-vis protecting the bank, running the bank and transforming the bank. With a balance of strategic and tactical “how to” sessions, we explore:

Moments of transformation on the horizon;
The potential to reduce existing expenses with new technology;
Risk/reward trade-offs;
New business/branch models;
Formulating spending plans given the pace of technological change; and
Practical applications of technology that are helping specific banks to grow.

Engage Around Shared Areas Of Interest

Industry leaders and consultants provide the latest information and best practices during workshops, discussion groups and simulations. Throughout the conference, leaders in the technology space along with their bank clients allow participants the opportunity to hear what made them join forces, what challenges they faced and how they created a successful solution together.