Events : BankBEYOND 2020

Conference Overview

For over 26 years, Bank Director has provided educational events specifically for a bank’s board and executive team. Developed for bank leaders – CEO, President, CFO, CRO, General Counsel, CHRO, COO, CAO, Internal Auditor and Corporate Secretary – and members of the board, we combined our three annual events – Bank Audit & Risk Committees Conference, Bank Compensation & Talent Conference and our Bank Board Training Forum – to bring you a conference beyond the environment we have seen to move us forward with new ideas and strategies during – BankBEYOND 2020.  

By necessity, a bank’s leadership team must respond with greater speed and purpose than in past years. With so many critical issues being considered in a narrow window of time, Bank Director developed an agenda focused on specific committee issues, governance challenges and strategic growth initiatives to allow you to consider what’s possible for your bank’s future. 

General sessions focus on all of the issues facing a bank’s team, while mainstage sessions, breakout sessions and peer exchanges are divided based on the participants specific role on the board or with the bank – Audit/Risk, Compensation/Talent or CEO/Chair/Lead Director.

As we work to move banks forward and provide the most relevant information in our new operating environment, we too look for ways to allow financial institutions to discover a new path forward helping officers and directors get smarter, faster… together.  We hope you and your team join us as we combine three separate conferences into one must-attend industry event!

For more information and to register for BankBEYOND 2020 event, please email or call our events department at 877-397-7595.