Nonbank competitors challenge the way banks serve small business clients, who are always on the hunt for efficiency. Banks that address key pain points for those customers have a better shot at winning their business – and their loyalty, says Derik Sutton, chief marketing officer at Autobooks. Payments are a particular obstacle, he says. Financial institutions that can help their small business customers simplify accounts receivable and payable can lock in those relationships in 2023.

Topics include:

  • Competitive Pressure From Apps
  • Overcoming the Cash Flow Gap
  • The Advantage in Payments

Derik Sutton

Chief Marketing Officer

Derik Sutton is the CMO at Autobooks.  He has a track record of helping to build, market and sell products in the financial industry.  He joined Autobooks in 2018 as the VP of product and experience.


During his career, Mr. Sutton has helped bring 2 digital banking platforms to market that are now leveraged by over 1,000 financial institutions.  He founded Become Labs, a product and design company that focused on fintech companies and financial institutions.  During his time there, he helped companies launch new brands and digital products, consulted with financial institutions on their digital strategy and helped financial institutions build new custom online and mobile banking experiences.