The M&A slowdown in 2022 will shape expectations for 2023, and Adam Maier, a partner at Stinson LLP, believes deals could bounce back by mid-year. Heightened regulatory scrutiny could continue to have a chilling effect on larger bank M&A, he says, but community bank deals have been approved rather quickly. Prospective buyers would be wise to focus on due diligence and communicate with regulators to ease the approval process.

Topics include:

  • Predictions for 2023
  • Considerations for Prospective Buyers and Sellers
  • Working With Regulators
  • Branch Transactions

Adam Maier


Adam Maier is a partner at Stinson LLP. Mr. Maier applies his prowess in finance and the law to help his banking and other financial services clients successfully navigate the complexities of the highly regulated finance industry. He focuses his deep knowledge of banking and financial services law on the business interests and growth strategies of financial institutions and their owners. He advises financial institutions in a broad range of strategic transactions, including buying and selling banks and branches, de novo charters, forming holding companies, raising capital and reorganizations.

In a constantly changing regulatory environment, Mr. Maier represents financial institutions before state and federal regulatory authorities and strategizes on complex regulatory investigations and approvals for new products. He counsels on commercial, real estate and asset-based financing arrangements and analyzes legal issues arising under the Uniform Commercial Code, regulatory laws and the U.S. Bankruptcy Code.