Small businesses are increasingly looking for more sophisticated financial solutions, like digital payments. Yet, many community banks haven’t adapted their products and services to meet these demands. Banks that don’t address their small business clients’ pain points ultimately risk losing those customers to other financial providers. Derik Sutton, vice president at Autobooks, describes how community banks can bridge that gap with embedded fintech.

  • How Small Business Needs are Changing
  • Confronting Competition
  • First Steps to Embedded Fintech

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Derik Sutton

Chief Marketing Officer

Derik Sutton is the CMO at Autobooks. Mr. Sutton joined Autobooks in 2018 as vice president of product and experience. As part of the Autobooks executive team, Mr. Sutton now leads the marketing and industry insights for the Autobooks team. In this role, he regularly speaks at conferences and helps financial institutions better understand the small business segment and how to best serve their needs.