Bank leadership teams that approach an acquisition with an open mind will have the best odds for successfully integrating the target, says Kim Snyder of KBS Results. In this video, she shares the three most common misconceptions held by acquirers. She also outlines how banks should communicate to employees and customers about an acquisition, and explains how to approach technology integration—so acquirers can ensure the target’s customers stay with the merged institution.

  • Common Misconceptions
  • Communicating to Employees
  • Explaining Benefits to Customers
  • Getting Technology Integration Right



Kim Snyder

Founder & CEO

Kim Snyder is the CEO and founder at KlariVis.  She is a veteran community banker, having served as executive vice president and CFO for a $900 million publicly traded community bank in Roanoke, VA for 10 years.  Ms. Snyder is a results-oriented strategic problem solver which is showcased by her development of the industry’s first data analytics solution with the purpose of helping financial institution executives make effective and efficient decisions.  She is a notable speaker, having spoken at many industry conferences such as Bank Director’s Acquired or Be Acquired and FinXTech, the ABA’s Community Bankers Conference, ICBA Live and the Venture Center’s VenCent Fintech Summit to name a few.


Ms. Snyder is a certified public accountant.