How Huntington Bank Found Opportunity in the Cloud

It’s easy to get lost in the language that defines cloud technology. For a relatively young technological innovation – the first launch of a public cloud dates back to the early 2000s – its adoption and usage continues to evolve year after year.

But in the right setting, banks can use the cloud and all of its complexities to facilitate the newest, innovative technology undertakings.

One institution that capitalizes on the cloud’s efficiencies and capabilities is $179 billion, Columbus, Ohio-based Huntington Bancshares.

Between moving to a completely remote work environment in March 2020 to announcing one of the first remote bank deals nine months later with TCF Financial Corp., Huntington has seemingly found its footing when it comes to leveraging cloud technology.

In this episode of Reinventing Banking, a special podcast series brought to you by Bank Director and Microsoft Corp., we speak to Rob Sites, senior vice president and IT service delivery director from Huntington. He brings his first-person account experiences and knowledge about how the bank took its cloud strategy from table talk to table stakes, and how the cloud continues to position it as a people-first institution.

Listen now to see how Huntington found its opportunity.

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Erika Bailey

Erika Bailey is a contributing author for Bank Director.