Generative AI for Banks

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Mark Leher
Director, Product Management

Generative AI has gained popularity with the public through the use of tools such as ChatGPT. But this type of artificial intelligence, which produces text, images or other content using large amounts of data, holds  great promise for the banking industry. In this video, Mark Leher, director of product management at Alkami, describes how financial institutions can achieve back-office efficiencies by using generative AI to assist staff in their customer interactions. With the right processes and guardrails in place, banks can make this technology work for them.  

Topics discussed include: 

  • How Generative AI Works 
  • Data Governance 
  • Evolving Customer Expectations

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Mark Leher

Director, Product Management

Mark is the director of product management at Alkami Technology, Inc., where he is responsible for strategic product management of the insights and data visualizations solutions.

For 18 years prior to joining Alkami, Mr. Leher operated a business focused on taxonomy, metadata and data classification. His leadership and expertise drove transformation for hundreds of companies to develop and execute strategies to use data foundationally inside of their organizations’ ecosystems.