Evaluating Digital Banking In 2023

Platforms that offer future flexibility, as opposed to products with a fixed shelf life, should be part of any bank’s digital transformation strategy for 2023, says Stephen Bohanon, co-founder and chief strategy and product officer at Alkami Technology. Chatbots and artificial intelligence can deflect many simple, time-consuming customer queries – saving time and costs – but digital channels can go further to drive revenue for the organization. To do that, bankers need to invest in data-based marketing and account opening capabilities.

Topics include:

  • Platforms Vs. Products
  • Sales Via Digital Channels
  • Advantages of Live Service

Stephen Bohanon

Co-founder, Chief Strategy & Product Officer

Stephen Bohanon is co-founder, chief strategy and product officer of Alkami Technology, Inc.  Mr. Bohanon oversees the publicly-traded digital banking provider through product development and strategic acquisitions.


Mr. Bohanon’s extensive financial services background (with roles at Catalyst Consulting, FIS, ACI Worldwide and Advanced Financial Solutions) was the spark that led him to bring Alkami to life in 2009.


Mr. Bohanon forged Alkami from humble beginnings to today’s status as the fastest growing digital banking provider through entrepreneurial optimism, client-centric focus, and a fearless pursuit of excellence.  With his leadership, Alkami continues its mission to be the gold-standard, successfully future-proofing their clients and setting the direction for the financial industry to follow.