Lower oil prices may be good for the consumer but bad for financial institutions.  John Roddy of Macquarie explains how the cost of oil can affect banks in a number of ways.


John Roddy

Head of Financial Services Investment Banking

John Roddy is head of financial services investment banking at Raymond James Financial, Inc.  Mr. Roddy has over 25 years of investment banking experience and has completed over 150 capital markets and M&A transactions for depository financial institutions.  Mr. Roddy joined Raymond James in 2016. 


Prior to Raymond James, Mr. Roddy was global head of Macquarie Capital’s financial institutions group.  Mr. Roddy joined Macquarie upon its 2009 acquisition of Fox-Pitt Kelton (FPK), where he led the depository institutions group and was a member of the executive committee.  Before joining FPK, he headed the depository institutions group at Citigroup.  Mr. Roddy began his career in the financial institutions group at Lehman Brothers, where he was managing director at the time of his resignation.  Prior to joining Lehman Brothers, Mr. Roddy was an attorney with a New York law firm and at the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency.