Branch Strategy

Since the financial crisis, the banking industry as a whole has culled back its number of branch locations. However, the vast majority of a bank’s deposit growth is generated through the branch, and a number of growing banks are expanding their physical footprints. Despite years of chatter about the “death of the bank branch,” branches continue to play an important strategic role for most financial institutions. In this video, Michelle King, the chief marketing officer at Bank Director and a former banker, outlines how banks should analyze their branch footprint and structure in the digital age, as well as considerations…

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Michelle King


Michelle King is president of Bank Director and FinXTech. In this role, she is responsible for overseeing the strategy and financial performance of the company. Michelle joined Bank Director in 2011. She is focused on leading the company’s business development, bank services efforts, marketing, public relations and branding. This includes efforts to reach senior bank executives and board members along with corporate clients and prospective clients. In addition, she frequently meets with CEOs, chairs of the board, c-level executives and members of the board to provide services and support to these officers and directors. Michelle is a member of the Bank Director board and serves on the Executive Committee.