A Bigger Purpose

Most people would probably agree that a defining characteristic of any community bank is that lending and investing decisions are made locally for the benefit of the community. This edition of the Slant Podcast looks at a bank that serves its community in a very unique way. Tradition Capital Bank in Edina, Minnesota, donates up to 10% of its profits every year to various local groups if it achieves certain financial goals. Called the Keystone Giving Program, it is the brainchild of CEO Dan Fagan. Fagan has a very personal story to tell – a story about faith and religion that has found its expression in the Keystone program. “There’s a bigger purpose why this bank exists,” says Fagan.

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Jack Milligan


Jack Milligan is editor-at-large of Bank Director magazine, a position to which he brings over 40 years of experience in financial journalism organizations. Mr. Milligan directs Bank Director’s editorial coverage and leads its director training efforts. He has a master’s degree in Journalism from The Ohio State University.