Bank Director's Team

Michelle King | President

Michelle King is President of Bank Director and FinXTech. In this role, she is responsible for overseeing the strategy and financial performance of the company. Michelle joined Bank Director in 2011. She is focused on leading the company’s business development, bank services efforts, marketing, public relations and branding. This includes efforts to reach senior bank executives and board members along with corporate clients and prospective clients. In addition, she frequently meets with CEOs, chairs of the board, c-level executives and members of the board to provide services and support to these officers and directors. Michelle is a member of the Bank Director board and serves on the Executive Committee.

Michelle started her career in 1988 with a small community bank in Franklin, TN. During her tenure with the bank she was a part of 5 acquisitions – the final acquisition led to her position at Bank of America in their marketing department for the state of Tennessee. A graduate of the Southeastern Consumer Banking School, Michelle spent much of her career working in the consumer banking division, holding roles in consumer lending and retail banking, and in the bank’s, Bank-at-Work department.