Session Presenters

John Behringer
Partner, Risk Consulting
Aaron Donaldson
Principal, Technology and Management Consulting
Brandon Koeser
Director, Risk Consulting
Richard Levin
Chair – Fintech & Regulation Practice
Craig Nazzaro
Brad Rustin

From Idea to Impact: A Guide for Banks to Collaborate with Fintechs to Drive Growth

Join this workshop to engage in hands-on activities that inform how you can leverage financial technology to enhance customer experience. As regulatory scrutiny increases on fintech partnerships involving lending, Banking as a Service (BaaS), and payment relationships, it also increases with regards to BSA/AML, KYC, regulatory compliance and privacy issues. Attendees of this session learn the best ways for banks to develop and execute a fintech partnership strategy that complies with regulatory expectations while enhancing customer experience. Presenters offer insights about how partnerships are effectively created, best practices for banks’ developing strategies and in the process of on-boarding partnerships and how to scale controls.

The first part of this program features a joint presentation by speakers from Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough LLP and RSM US LLP, who provide an overview and update on the current fintech regulatory environment. The second part features small group discussions focused on where you and your institution are in the process, including: overall regulatory concerns, how to embark on building fintech partnerships, and how to get unstuck when you have regulatory or other operational challenges. These discussions take a deeper dive into the fintech partner process for banks, focusing on regulatory and technology related considerations, whether you are just drafting a strategy, executing a strategy or actively managing multiple partner relationships. 

When registering for this workshop, please select one of two options that best describes where your bank is in terms of a fintech strategy: (1) Developing a fintech strategy or (2) Executing a fintech strategy and/or actively managing multiple fintech partner relationships. You will be broken up into groups for the second part of the workshop based on how you answer this question.

This workshop is exclusive to 45 bank attendees only, allows for one banker per institution, no capital markets titles (this session is NOT for investment bankers of any kind) and runs concurrently with the below breakout sessions.

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