Toughing It Out in 2009

The results of the Bank Director/Grant Thornton LLP 16th Bank Executive Survey show that bankers are determined to shore up their foundations and capitalize on strengths to survive the year ahead.


Fear of the Unknown

Receiving government funding right now is a little akin to the devil you don’t know. While the obvious benefits of bolstering capital makes sense, the regulatory oversight and potential loss of control is causing many institutions to carefully weigh the decision to accept TARP funding.

Article ON – 06/03/2011
Beware the Inside Job

In this time of unprecedented layoffs, massive budget cuts, and related merger activity, banks need to be careful of the security threat that lies within their own organization.

Article ON – 06/03/2011
Outlook for M&A: 2009

Bank Director sat down with the nation’s sharpest financial advisers to find out what effect the economic turmoil, market volatility, and political upheaval are likely to have on the banking business in the year ahead. Three roundtable sessions, sponsored by Grant Thornton LLP, cover the most critical topics directors should be discussing as they consider their options for growth in the current environment.

Article ON – 06/03/2011

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