The Collapse of Keystone

This once-thriving institution ultimately crumbled, bringing down the directors, shareholders, and an entire community, in the wake of a fraud investigation that was long overdue. But questions remain: Why didn’t the directors heed the obvious red flags? Why didn’t regulators dig deeper? How could management hide millions from the audit committee? The answers have yet to be sorted out in this modern-day morality tale.


The Aggregation Bandwagon

The much-ballyhood notion of “one-stop shopping”-once a pipe dream of marketers and techies-is gaining widespread consumer acceptance. Here is what your board should know about account aggregation before launching such a strategy.

Article ON – 06/03/2011
Bank Director`s 2001 D&O Liability Report

Here is an overview of the major risk areas this year and how board members can manage them, along with the latest data on D&O claims, premiums, and covereages.

Article ON – 06/03/2011
The Loan Repricing Dilemma

Understanding an institution’s loan pricing is an integral part of the board’s function. But the federal budget surplus is dictating that most banks’ pricing index of choice, treasury securities, may disappear in a few years. Here’s what your board should know about the alternative solutions.

Article ON – 06/03/2011
Closer Than You Think

The Web has opened up technologies to the masses that were once considered an arm`s length away. Now they`re well within reach for most institutions.

Article ON – 06/03/2011

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