Events : Experience FinXTech

Event Overview

As the very concept of banking evolves, we find an ever-growing number of financial institutions seeking out growth and efficiencies through the application of financial technologies.  In September, Bank Director presents:  Experience FinXTech – an event to connect key business leaders from across the financial industry. Over a two-day period, we take a close look at the implications of technology on the business of banking, exploring how and where banks might generate top-line growth and bottom-line profits through the cultivation of new business relationships, collaboration and strategic investments.

During the event, attendees have an opportunity to attend our FinXTech Connect demonstration sessions – allowing participants to learn what technology is available in regards to security, data & analytics, internal systems, lending, digital banking, payments, regtech and customer experience!

Event Highlights Include:

  • Simulation Workshops
  • Peer Exchange Discussions
  • FinXTech Connect Demonstrations
  • Buying & Selling Fintech Breakout Sessions

For more information and to register, please contact our events department directly at or 877-397-7595.