Board Resources & Services

Board Resources & Services

Board Structure Guidelines
Built from consultations with three major bank regulators, Bank Director’s Board Structure Guidelines provide a bank’s board with the knowledge needed to assess the overall board structure. Each unit takes a deep dive into committee functions, compensation and structure, reporting and insightful data, along with sample charters and additional materials and resources. Learn More.

Glossary of Terms
As part of Bank Directors Online Training Series, we provide program members with access to an in depth glossary of banking terms. This provides outside directors with termanology regularly used in the boardroom and by the executive team. Learn More.

In-Boardroom Training
The Bank Director team is now bringing over 26 years of industry knowledge and event presentations to the boardroom – through our Board Planning Services. Designed specifically for banks, Bank Director will work with your board and/or executive team to develop an agenda, from one hour to a full day, to contribute to your overall planning meeting and/or executive and board retreat. Learn More.

FinXTech Connect
Built specifically for financial institutions, FinXTech Connect is a curated directory of financial technology companies who are strategically partnering with banks of all sizes. Companies included in our ever-evolving platform have been identified by Bank Director as “bank-friendly” – with a proven history of financial performance and an existing roster of bank clients. Learn More.

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