Bank Director Certification

A Certification Program Specifically Designed for Bank Directors

The Bank Director Certification program provides participants with a thorough grounding in corporate governance and important industry issues that greatly enhance the performance of individual directors. Completing the program and becoming a certified bank director sends a clear message to investors and state and federal regulators that the board member takes its fiduciary duties seriously and wants to be a top performing member of the bank’s board.

To Become Certified All Participants Must Complete The Following Requirements Within 1 Year Of Applying For The Bank Director Certification Program:

Bank Director Online Training Series
Participants must complete 31 designated online training videos and board briefs focused on the role of the board, audit & risk, compensation, governance, and fiduciary responsibilities. Each designated course is labeled specifically for program participants through Bank Director’s learning management system and individuals receive credits once all courses have been completed. Learn More

Bank Director Workshop
In addition to the Online Training Series, participants must complete 1 of the 3 Bank Director Workshops offered as part of the Bank Director Certification Program. There are two in person opportunities and also a virtual learning workshop if your schedule precludes you from traveling. The one day in person Workshops are conducted in advance of our Bank Audit & Risk Committees Conference held in Chicago in June, and our Bank Board Training Forum held in Nashville in September. The virtual workshop includes online learning materials and a schedule of 60 to 90 minute virtual peer exchanges to address questions and provide instruction on the course curriculum. Learn More

Bank Director Certification Resources
As part of this program, participants receive access to all of the benefits of our Bank Services Membership Program, which include the following services:

  • Bank Director Magazine
  • Exclusive Content + Glossary of Key Terms
  • Access To Our Research Studies
  • Board Structure Guidelines
  • New Director Onboarding Resources
  • Exclusive Access To Virtual Peer Exchanges

To apply for the Bank Director Certification Program, please contact [email protected] or call our bank services department at 877.764.4681 for more information.