What Huntington’s Steve Steinour Expects From His Board

When Steve Steinour joined Huntington Bancshares in 2009 as the new chairman and CEO, the bank was struggling to recover from the effects of the financial crisis. He quickly went to work raising capital and cleaning up the balance sheet – but he also immediately engaged his board in a successful partnership that lasts to this day. Only two people – Steinour and Lead Director David Porteous – still remain on a board that has become much more diverse as measured by race, gender and ethnicity. For this episode of the Slant Podcast, Steinour talks about the governance culture at Huntington, his relationship with Porteous, how he interacts with the board’s other directors, what he relies on them for and what he expects of them.

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Jack Milligan


Jack Milligan is editor-at-large of Bank Director magazine, a position to which he brings over 40 years of experience in financial journalism organizations. Mr. Milligan directs Bank Director’s editorial coverage and leads its director training efforts. He has a master’s degree in Journalism from The Ohio State University.