Bank M&A

Thinking Through Capital Decisions

When determining how to allocate capital, bank leaders should consider multiple scenarios that could affect the math of a given decision.

Brian Leibfried
Partner and Head of Bank Insights

A capital allocation decision that plays well in one environment might not produce the expected outcome if circumstances change. That’s why it’s important for bank leaders to think about multiple scenarios that might change the math of an acquisition or bond purchase, says Brian Leibfried, partner and head of bank insights with Performance Trust. In this video, Leibfried also addresses how rising interest rates or shifts in credit quality might affect the pricing dynamics in an acquisition. 


Topics discussed include: 

  • Rising Interest Rates
  • M&A Pricing Dynamics
  • Funding Costs 

Brian Leibfried

Partner and Head of Bank Insights

Brian leads the Client Insights team at Performance Trust, where he works with depository institutions to analyze and provide holistic balance sheet strategies to aid in strengthening their institutions. Brian is a featured speaker at various banking associations, as well as a seasoned speaker at Performance Trust University®, a national educational platform for leading community bankers.