Marketing Using Transaction Data

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Mark Leher
Director, Product Management

Banks have a rich set of data flowing through their core systems every day; tapping into that can yield a variety of insights into how customers spend their money, what they prioritize and where they have financial relationships. In this video, Mark Leher, director of product management at Alkami, describes how banks can use transaction data to drive targeted marketing strategies and how bank directors and senior leaders can ensure the tools are in place to succeed at these efforts. 

Topics discussed include: 

  • Targeted Messaging 
  • Measuring ROI 
  • Organizational Ownership

Mark Leher

Director, Product Management

Mark is the director of product management at Alkami Technology, Inc., where he is responsible for strategic product management of the insights and data visualizations solutions.

For 18 years prior to joining Alkami, Mr. Leher operated a business focused on taxonomy, metadata and data classification. His leadership and expertise drove transformation for hundreds of companies to develop and execute strategies to use data foundationally inside of their organizations’ ecosystems.