Managing Cost, Efficiency & Control in the Loan Portfolio

What sets today’s lending environment apart is the potential for banks to collaborate with technology platforms to manage their risk more effectively and efficiently, explains Garrett Smith, the CEO of Community Capital Technology. In this video, he outlines how banks of varying sizes are diversifying their loan portfolios, and he shares his advice for banks seeking to buy or sell loans on the secondary market.

  • Using Technology to Manage the Loan Portfolio
  • Purchasing Loans on a Marketplace Platform
  • What to Know About Selling Loans

Garrett Smith

CEO & Founder

Garrett Smith is CEO and founder of Community Capital Technology Inc. (CCT), a multi-sided, digital marketplace for financial institutions, direct originators, marketplace lenders and other capital providers or investors, to buy, sell and/or participate loans of any type more efficiently.  


Prior to launching CCT, Mr. Smith was a founder and senior executive in two other technology-enabled marketplaces, both with successful exits.  He co-founded and served as president of Opportunity Network (ON), an international business networking platform supporting global financial institutions and their top commercial and private wealth clients.  Mr. Smith is a member of the Milken Institute’s Young Leaders Circle (YLC) and an active participant in the fintech community, frequently speaking about entrepreneurship, business strategy and financial technology innovation.