How Experience FinXTech Parallels The NFL Draft

By the time the NFL announced plans to host the draft from
various remote locations, nearly every other sports league had postponed or
canceled their events.

The decision raised eyebrows.

The NFL draft has become a must-attend in-person event, as
evidenced by the record-breaking 600,000 turnout in Nashville, Tennessee, last
year. As a fan, I wondered if the league was putting their own interests too
far ahead of others by going forward with a new, unproven format just to keep
to this activity on the calendar.

It turns out, the digital nature of the three-day event resonated
in many positive ways. The draft was viewed by 55 million viewers over the
three-day event, according to the league. Naturally, some of the viewership
reflected an appetite for new, non-pandemic related content. But from a
business perspective, it showed how migrating an in-person event entirely
online could, in a pinch, work.

As we all try our best to live normal lives from our homes,
the NFL’s success with the draft gives me confidence in our decision to go
remote with our annual Experience FinXTech.

Much as the NFL drew a great audience to Music City last year, so too were we excited to welcome a stellar audience to Bank Director’s hometown in early May. Just as the NFL figured out how to provide viewers with new glimpses into their team’s futures, so too will our Experience FinXTech as we move online. Ours will just be in terms of how and where financial technology companies and financial institutions might develop relationships that beget future successes.

Experience FinXTech parallels the NFL draft based on the
concept of team-building. Just as every NFL franchise faces its own challenges,
so too does every financial institution. Indeed, the ever-expanding digital
chasm between the biggest banks and community institutions remains a major strategic
challenge in terms of talent, tools and dollars spent.

While there is no one-size-fits-all approach to building a
team, there are lessons that executives and leadership teams might entertain
from their peers during a program like this one. Indeed, we have heard and seen
incredible examples of community banks pulling together to serve their
constituents as best they can, however they can, during this time. This program
allows us to share examples.

Bank Director’s desire to help community banks succeed in all circumstances provides an impetus for moving to video and webinars instead of waiting until the late fall to meet in person. Helping banks and fintechs get smarter about immediate opportunities to develop meaningful relationships is incredibly relevant. The time is now to assess a business strategy and make decisions that could reshape your institution’s future. Access to timely, verified and reliable information is something we didn’t want to delay in providing.

Indeed, Experience FinXTech will touch on areas where
technology can assist banks to provide counseling, assistance and a personal
touch to their existing and potential customers. In addition, we talk about
authentication. The need to embrace the cloud. Filling in the missing pieces in
the digital commercial banking product set.

Beginning on May 5, we take a pragmatic approach to new
business relationships, collaborations and strategic investments. We offer
virtual demonstrations to help viewers see proven technologies available to
banks with regards to security, data and analytics, internal systems, lending,
digital banking, payments, compliance and the customer experience.

With so many elements of our economy being challenged, we know our “next normal” will look very different from what we’ve become accustomed to. Connecting interests, and ideas, to help banks and fintechs navigate their futures is why we ultimately decided to offer this year’s experience online, for free, to anyone interested in joining us.

I look forward to welcoming people to this year’s Experience
FinXTech and promise that references to certain NFL teams will be kept to a

Thanks to the support of these companies, we are able to extend complimentary registration for Experience FinXTech. To sign up, please click here.


Al Dominick

Board Member

Al Dominick serves on the board of DirectorCorps, Inc. The former CEO of Bank Director | FinXTech, he is a partner at Cornerstone Advisors.

Prior to Cornerstone and Bank Director | FinXTech, he ran the business development efforts for Computech, a Bethesda, Maryland-based information technology firm (now part of NCI — NASDAQ: NCIT). Before that, he worked for Board Member, Inc. in a variety of revenue-generating roles.

A 1999 graduate of Washington & Lee University, where he majored in Politics and was a four-year letterman on the varsity baseball team, he earned an MBA from the University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business in 2007.