Banks house valuable data about their customers, but most institutions aren’t leveraging this information effectively. In this video, KlariVis CEO Kim Snyder outlines the challenges banks face in enhancing their data analytics capabilities. She also explains why creating a strategy around data – and building a strong data culture – can help bank leaders overcome the obstacles they face.

  • Opportunities & Challenges in Data
  • How to Create a Strong Data Culture
  • Advice for Bank Leaders

Kim Snyder

CEO & Founder

Kim Snyder is the founder and CEO of KlariVis, a cloud-based data analytics platform built by bankers, for bankers that delivers data through interactive dashboards providing immediate insight into key performance metrics that drive revenue, manage risk and streamline operations.

Ms. Snyder is also founder and president of KBS Results LLC, a financial institution management consulting firm.  She was executive vice president and CFO of Valley Financial Corporation/Valley Bank, a $900m publicly traded bank in Roanoke, Virginia for 10 years. She was instrumental in the success of the bank which led to the acquisition by BNC Bancorp at a 173% premium to tangible book value.  

Ms. Snyder is a certified public accountant.