To compete today, banks need to proactively meet the needs of their commercial clients. That not only requires building strong relationships but also improving the digital experience by automating the commercial lending process. Joe Ehrhardt, CEO and founder of Teslar Software, shares how bank leaders should think through enhancing lending processes and how they should consider selecting the best tools to meet their strategic goals.

  • Shifting Client Expectations
  • Processes Banks Should Automate Next
  • Specific Technologies to Adopt
  • Selecting Providers

Joe Ehrhardt

CEO & Founder

Joe Ehrhardt is the CEO and founder of Teslar Software.  Mr. Ehrhardt shapes the company’s strategic vision, guiding relationships and company culture and equipping the team with resources for effectively serving Teslar Software’s clients. 


Mr. Ehrhardt launched his career as a teller and has over 20 years of banking expertise.  Inspired by the impact community institutions have on local consumers and small businesses, he created Teslar to empower community bankers with the tools they need to leverage efficiency and boost confidence.