Building Relationships in the Digital Era

Customer expectations have evolved dramatically over the past decade, and they seek much more from their financial institution, including advice. Unfortunately, banks often aren’t meeting these needs in the digital space. Soren Bested of Agent IQ explains how banks can return to one of their core functions – dispensing financial guidance to their customers.

  • What Consumers Expect
  • Alleviating Customer Pain Points
  • Personalizing the Experience

Soren Bested

Chief Operating Officer

Soren Bested is the chief operating officer of San Francisco-based Agent IQ, a provider of digital customer engagement solutions specializing in making financial services more personal again.  Mr. Bested oversees the operational and administrative functions of Agent IQ, while implementing enhanced business strategies that align with both the short and long term goals of the company.


Mr. Bested’s multi-continental career has allowed him the opportunity to see many of his achievements heralded as revolutionizing the mobile banking and payments service industries. 


Prior to working at Agent IQ, Mr. Bested most notably held executive positions at Pivotus Ventures, Monitise and the World Economic Forum.  Recognized for his professionalism and humanity, his ability to be seen as the smartest person in the room has propelled him to great heights within the worlds of fintech, biotechnology, healthcare and international strategic collaboration.