The Risk of Doing Nothing

Video length: 43 minutes

At Bank Director’s Bank Audit & Risk Committees Conference this past June, Douglas G. Duncan, senior vice president and chief economist with Fannie Mae, discussed demographic and economic trends facing the banking industry.

Income growth is expected to improve in the future, causing positive momentum on the consumer side. How the board responds to these trends is important: a proactive or reactive decision could make a big difference.

Highlights from this video:

  • Consumer spending cycle
  • Income growth expectations
  • Interest rate trends
  • Household growth trends
  • Demographic market trends

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About the Speaker:
Doug Duncan is a senior vice president and the chief economist at Fannie Mae. He is responsible for providing all forecasts and analyses on the economy, housing and mortgage markets for Fannie Mae. Doug also oversees corporate strategy and is responsible for strategic research regarding external factors and their potential impact on the company and the housing industry.