Session Presenters

Jill Czerwinski

Managing Principal, Integrated Risk Management

Crowe LLP

Tracy Hall

Senior Manager, Business Community Management

Crowe LLP

Shephanie White

Senior Manager, Integrated Risk Management

Crowe LLP

Crowe Tabletop Exercise

Tabletop Simulations are an effective way to practice crisis response planning and operational recovery capabilities by allowing team members to “experience” a tailored scenario – and the challenges resulting from this scenario – in a relaxed, non-threatening atmosphere. The simulation fosters collaborative conversation, develops critical decision making and surfaces areas for improvement by equipping the response team members to better safeguard the organization while mitigating the financial, reputational, legal and operational impacts resulting from an incident of any kind. 

Please join us for a fictional simulated exercise that will prove to be impactful and insightful to gauging your organization’s readiness!  The Tabletop Simulation is exclusive to 40 bank attendees only, allows for one banker per institution, no capital markets titles (this session is NOT for investment bankers of any kind) and runs concurrently with the below breakout sessions.

Session Resources