Session Presenters

Devon Bray
Small Business Regional Leader of CA
Mia Huntington
EVP, POS Lending/Buy Now Pay Later
Rob Siedman
SVP, Head of Product, Buy Now Pay Later & POS Lending
Megan Miller
VP, Head of FI Business Development

Breakout IV: ​​Buy Now Pay Later & POS Lending Solution Growth Strategies

The rising adoption of the Buy Now Pay Later business model has many questioning its long-term benefits; but the positive impacts for your business clients and what that means to your overall growth strategies are worth discussing. Consumers like the choice of payment terms with easy and instant access to credit when they need it, at the time of purchase. Merchants see an increase in customers completing orders by as much as 20-30% and benefit from a 30-40% increase in the average order value. Hear from a panel of market leaders as they discuss the questions that many financial institutions are having around the board room when considering the regulations and risks associated with BNPL and POS Lending.

Session Resources

  • Buy Now Pay Later & POS Lending Solution Growth Strategies